TownNews uses an automated domain renewal and billing system, both to provide better service and to ensure that domains are not potentially lost.

The TownNews platform is shared hosting environment. This means that your web site and several others are being serviced on the same computers. The largest concerns in our hosting environment with regards to PHP. 

WARNING: sqlite3 function is deprecated and will be removed in PHP5.5, switch to PDO sqlite

In accordance with your contract with TownNews, you must provide at least 30 days notice before your contract expires or auto-renews, of your intent to terminate and/or transfer service to another provider.  Notification of service cancellation may be submitted in the following ways:

The following information pertains to New and Re-design Web Sites being made live.

This document provides information about archive policies, covering archive loading for BLOX CMS.

TownNews uses multiple methods to ensure data protection and retention. These methods are BLOX CMS asset revisions, data storage snapshots, and data storage replication. Each method offers its own unique benefits and properties regarding how data is safeguarded and how long data is retained. Although we make every effort to protect and retain the data provided to our platform, customers acknowledge all data uploaded to the platform belongs to the customer; and, the customer holds sole responsibility for ensuring they maintain off platform copies/backups for data protection and retention.

TownNews enforces a strict spam and abuse policy.  Every email sent through a Web site hosted on our network is tagged with tracking information.  This allows us to monitor spam or abuse cases.  Recipients of email they believe to be spam or abuse are able to add their email address to a NO-SEND blacklist.  This will prevent them from receiving further spam or abuse incidents.

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Our Payment Card Industry (PCI) report is available in PDF format. Click on the link below to download the latest report.