Beginner help topics are listed in recommended order of completion.

Beginner Tutorials

Learn how lists can be created and imported within Email Reach. A Lists represents a specific topic, such as Breaking News or Garage Sales, that readers have the opportunity to subscribe to. 

Learn how to create a newsletter schedule. A campaign is the schedule in which a newsletter is emailed to readers. 

Email Reach allows anyone with a valid email address to subscribe to newsletters. Learn how readers can manage their newsletters. 

This document highlights the available Page Customizations within Design Blocks for newsletter pages. These options can be set on either the top-level "/newsletters/lists" URL to affect the entire set of newsletters or on a per-URL basis for localized newsletter customizations.

Learn about the types of contacts allowed to be emailed and other newsletter-related permissions. 

Newsletter subscribers may inquire about, or want to manage, bounced emails in Email Reach. Some reasons for cleaning up bounced emails is to provide advertisers paying for ads on their Email Reach newsletter pages the number of valid email deliveries for a campaign.

This is an example of the Email Reach application Contacts report used to view the total contacts, and the change in contacts, over time on the site.

Collecting DMP data about which users have subscribed to different newsletters allows you to categorize them into different categories and then be cross-referenced with logged in users that subscribe the in order to identify non-subscribers that can be targeted in a future marketing campaigns for your site.

The List Statistics window is displayed by clicking the View Stats button at the bottom of the Edit list screen. The Statistics window provides statistical information relating to the mailing lists on your site. This information can be shared with others via email, print or export (HTML or CSV).