Beginner help topics are listed in recommended order of completion.

Beginner Tutorials

Learn how to manage digital, online representations of a print publication or Special Section.

Once an e-Edition publication has been created, PDF pages can be uploaded to the FTP folder that was generated during e-Edition publication setup. 

Review the various ways both Non-Segmented and Segmented e-Editions can be presented.

This document highlights the available page customizations for e-Edition pages using the e-Edition skin. These options can either be set on the top-level "/eedition" or "/special_section" URLs to affect the entire set of e-Edition pages, or on a per-URL basis for localized classified e-Edition page customizations.

You will need access to Settings / Webservice keys from the dropdown in the upper-left corner of the BLOX admin. If you do not have access to Settings / Webservice keys please contact TownNews Customer Support at 800-296-9576 to either gain access or have CS create the Webservice Key and Secret.